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Charming, impressive, amazing orchid, a timeless gift of incomparable beauty. The orchid has the unique ability with its luxurious presence to beautify the space with elegance. The most famous and widespread species of orchid is the Phalaenopsis orchid that stands out for its large and impressive flowers which are kept in bloom for a long time.


In their natural environment, most orchids of tropical origin are epiphytes or stone plants. That is, they do not grow in the soil, but grow on the trunks of other plants or rocks. The orchid in the house brings luck and happiness and represents love and purity. Another great advantage is that it releases oxygen at night, enabling a good night's sleep.


Place it in a bright place that does not have direct contact with sunlight as it burns its leaves. The Phalaenopsis orchid needs watering every 10 days or so during the soaking process.

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