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Chlorophyte large in ceramic pot 55cm

Chlorophyte large in ceramic pot 55cm

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The Chlorophyte, also known as the "spider plant" is an impressive plant of the most useful indoor ornamental plants ideal for hanging pots and baskets. But we did not say the most important thing! It has the ability to absorb air toxins such as carbon monoxide because it is able to make photosynthesis with the least possible light. A single flower pot has the ability to clean the air in an area of 200 sq.m.


Originally from South Africa, it loves bright lights in the house, where it thrives best. If we notice that the foliage of the Chlorophyte has lost the intensity of its two colors, we change the position of the plant, choosing a brighter one. Reduced lighting can greatly reduce the beige color of its leaves.


It has more watering needs than other indoor plants, especially during the growing season, ie during the summer months. Needs regular watering every 4-5 days and good drainage. Place it in a bright place away from sunlight. We also pay attention and avoid placing it in front of transmitters of high heat or cold. Sudden changes in temperature directly affect its growth.

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