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Spathiphyllum in ceramic pot 70cm

Spathiphyllum in ceramic pot 70cm

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It was named like that because its leaves and flowers are sword-shaped.

It has the ability to clean all types of environmental pollutants. It thrives best in the shade and needs very little light. Since it is low maintenance and equally impressive in appeal, it is an ideal plant, for office spaces and also homes.


Native to tropical America, the lily peace, according to Feng Shui is considered a fortune plant.

NASA states in its research that 15-18 such plants are needed in an area of ​​500 sq.m. to completely clean the atmosphere of pollutants and toxins. It is a very hardy plant and performs photosynthesis with minimal light. It is amazing even in a bedroom because it produces oxygen even at night.


The spathiphyllum has few requirements in terms of its care.

Ideal plant that does not need special lighting, since it can also grow well in semi-shady areas of our space. As for watering, as long as it is watered about once a week and we will have a healthy plant.

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