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Flower decoration, events, design & styling

It is very nice when the cooperation turns into trust and ends up with a big smile for you and success for us.


We are two professional decorators who are united by our love for flowers.

Based on this stimulus and full of original ideas, we dealt more specialized and opened our store HOUSE OF FLOWERS elegant ideas in the center of Thessaloniki.

With our many years of experience in designing, decorating and organizing events, we transform every theme into a unique creation.


With inspiration, enthusiasm and providing constantly updated proposals:

  • We can design each event with a lot of imagination, touching in detail your personal style with unique creations.
  • We can compose a special bouquet for you to give your wishes on any occasion.
  • We can organize with elegant ideas your wedding, the christening of the protagonist of your life, your party or your corporate event.
  • We can decorate your personal or professional space with special constructions, original proposals, beautiful compositions.
  • We can fully understand your anxiety about the outcome, so we are here to make sure everything is exactly as you dreamed.
  • We strive for each event to be special, that is why we adapt to every occasion, we cooperate with you and ensure a unique and excellent result.
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